Supportive network for Women in Meteorology (SWIM)

SWIM is a group of professors, grad students, researchers, and other members of the meteorology community here at Penn State dedicated to providing support, discussion, and outreach for women in meteorology. The WMO has found that only 23% of professionals in the meteorology/hydrology/atmospheric science fields globally are female, and that number is even lower (about 12%) in the United States. While many strategies have emerged to foster the participation of women in science, the common thread has always been the need for peer support, mentorship, and networking, which is what we hope to provide.

We meet monthly but maintain an ANGEL group for discussion in the interim - you can find it by searching ANGEL's groups for "SWIM" or "Society for Women in Meteorology", or by dropping me a line directly if ANGEL's search function is misbehaving. Already contained in the group is a collection of links and resources, including two recent BAMS publications addressing the results of AMS member surveys that may be of particular interest.

We also have a Facebook group (, where updates will be cross-posted (again, let me know if there's any problem joining!).