Students typically assemble their graduate school application during the fall semester so that they have all the required items in hand well before the application deadline.

15 January:

Deadline for application for entry into the graduate program in the fall semester of the same year. The Admissions Committee will begin to evaluate applications and start to make offers of assistantships. This committee remains active in this process right up to 15 April, the deadline for acceptance or declination of department offers.   

15 April:

If you recceived an offer of an assistantship, you must accept or decline the offer by this date. 

Near the end of August:

You arrive for orientation and the beginning of classes.

1 December

PhD Applicants:  If you want to be considered for prestigious Penn State Graduate School Fellowships, which provide a larger monthly stipend than an assistantship, you need to submit your graduate school application by 1 December.