Jerry Y. Harrington

Jerry Y. Harrington

  • Professor of Meteorology
  • Associate Head, Graduate Program in Meteorology
514 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802


  1. PhD -- Colorado State University

Research Specialties:

Boundary Layer and Turbulence:

Using numerical models, my group studies the dynamic evolution of boundary layer clouds in the subtropics and the arctic. Our primary focus is on the interactions between precipitation formation (both liquid and ice), radiation, and the dynamics/turbulence in boundary layer stratocumulus.

Clouds and Cloud Physics:

Use sophisticated numerical models and participate in field experiments designed to unravel the reasons behind why clouds behave they way they do in nature. Join my group and become an essential part of a team that develops and uses innovative cloud modeling techniques. Some of our field work will take us to remote places in the arctic wilderness where we shall investigate the structure and dynamics of arctic clouds.

Radiative Transfer:

My research in radiative transfer has been primarily focused on cloud-radiation interactions. My group has done work on how radiative heating and cooling alters the formation of water drops and the growth of drops/ice crystals in clouds. My students also work with Professor Eugene Clothiaux's and Professor Paul Markowski's groups on radiative interactions with stratiform and deep convective clouds.


Research Interests

Dr. Harrington's research focuses on cloud processes. His work ranges from studying the growth of individual drops and ice crystals, to studying the structure, microphysics, and dynamical evolution of cloud systems. Studies of droplet and ice crystal growth is done theoretically and in the laboratory where particles can be studied in highly controlled environments. Jerry also works on the radiative, turbulent, and microphysical processes within clouds using both measurements and models. He continues to be involved in a number of Arctic field studies that attempt to understand Arctic cloud processes. Jerry and his group also develop numerical models to understand the interactions between radiation, microphysics, and turbulence within clouds. The group's modeling studies have ranged from studying layered clouds in the subtropics and the arctic, to simulations of three dimensional radiative effects on supercell thunderstorms.

Teaching Interests

Atmospheric radiation, cloud physics, boundary layer meteorology, computers in the atmospheric sciences


Selected Publications

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