Penn State professor ‘ecstatic’ for Arctic research, establishing connections with students

Even from the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Penn State professor Jose Fuentes is inspiring his students to learn and grow

Photo courtesy of Jesus Ruiz-Plancarte

Though students have been experiencing winter weather in State College, Penn State professor Jose Fuentes is currently amid even colder temperatures up north in the Arctic Circle in Alaska — conducting research on melting ice and its effects on the atmosphere.

At Penn State, Fuentes teaches two undergraduate courses — Introduction to Micrometeorology (METEO 454) and Atmospheric Dispersion (METEO 455) — and two graduate courses — Biometeorology (METEO 563) and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (METEO 532).

Outside of the classroom, Fuentes serves on various research committees and takes part in research, data analysis, modeling and field work, and this past Saturday, Fuentes traveled to Utqiagvik, Alaska.

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