'Weather World' wins statewide awards for hurricane series, forecasting

Weather World's “Hurricane Week 2019” series just earned first place for best series in the Keystone Media Awards.

Weather World Harrisburg Hurricane Awareness 2019

Jon Nese, Marisa Ferger, the Nittany Lion, Rob Lydick, Steve Seman and John Banghoff attend the National Hurricane Center’s Hurricane Awareness Tour in 2019.  Nese, Ferger and Lydick — along with recent graduates Matt Hoenig and Joe Speir — won a Keystone Media Award for their Hurricane Week 2019 series, which was filmed during the tour. IMAGE: PENN STATE

David Kubarek, June 04, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The team at Penn State’s television show “Weather World” had a rare chance to visit some of the world’s leading experts on hurricanes when the gears started turning: Could the team turn these encounters into an educational series on improving hurricane preparedness in Pennsylvania?

The answer — although the logistics weren’t so simple — became a resounding yes, as the “Hurricane Week 2019” series just earned first place for best series in the Keystone Media Awards. 

“This is a great honor for us because this category isn't just limited to weather related television and it includes a number of qualified participants across the state,” said meteorology lecturer Marisa Ferger. “That’s what was exciting. It was our first year entering so we were thrilled to win.”

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