Helping the National Weather Service improve its performance

With an increase in the number of deadly and costly severe weather events, the National Weather Service has been seeking to step up its game by providing better information in a timelier manner to communities, states, emergency responders and the public.

Andrea Bleistein is playing a critical role in helping the agency institute this new roadmap for change—a plan designed to improve the way the weather services does business and enhance its ability to save lives and property.

As a manager supporting the agency’s Weather-Ready Nation initiative, Bleistein assists and, in some cases, prods the staff to implement changes outlined in the long term plan. This includes making new investments in science and technology, creating pilot projects to provide better assistance to states and localities, coming up with innovative ways to improve communication through the use of social media, identifying new research to meet pressing needs and finding ways to support the workforce.

Who is Andrea Bleistein?

POSITION: Weather-Ready Nation Roadmap Execution Manager, National Weather Service (NWS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

RESIDENCE: Arlington, Va..

AGE: 30

EDUCATION: Pennsylvania State University, B.S. in meteorology; Virginia Tech, science and technology studies

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