Professor Fuqing Zhang

A symposium to celebrate and honor the professional accomplishments of Professor Fuqing Zhang will likely take place June  2021 at The Pennsylvania State University. Professor Zhang had a distinguished teaching and research career at Penn State, Texas A&M University, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). He was a pioneer and a world-renowned leader in the field of numerical weather prediction, data assimilation, mesoscale meteorology, and tropical meteorology.  Oral and poster presentations will be made during the symposium. Presentations will be related to the research topics that Professor Zhang pursued throughout his career. Interested symposium participants can contact Jose D Fuentes (at jdfuentes@psu.edu) or any member of the symposium organizing committee.

Smposium Organizing Committee:

Xingchao Chen, Penn State University, Email: xzc55@psu.edu
Anthony Didlake, Penn State University, Email: acd171@psu.edu
Steven Felstein, Penn State University, Email: sbf1@psu.edu
Jose D Fuentes, Penn State Univer, Email: jdfuentes@psu.edu
Benn Green, NOAA/ESRL/GSD, Email: ben.green@noaa.gov
Steven Greybush, Penn State University, Email: sjg213@psu.edu
John Harlim, Penn State University, Email:  jharlim@psu.edu
Sukyoung Lee, Penn State University, Email: sxl31@psu.edu
Lai-yung Ruby Leung, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Email: Ruby.Leung@pnnl.gov
Zhiyong (Ellie) Meng, Peking University, Email: zymeng@pku.edu.cn
Erin B. Munsell, NASA, Email: erin.b.munsell@nasa.gov
Xuemei Wang,  Jinan University, Email: eeswxm@mail.sysu.edu.cn
Ping Yang, Texas A&M University, Email: pyang@geos.tamu.edu
Zhu (Judy) Yao, Penn State University, Email: yao.zhu.91@gmail.com
Kun Zhao,  Nanjing University, Email: zhaokun@nju.edu.cn