Livia Freire

(University of Sao Paulo)

Turbulent Transport in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Numerical Tools and Field Data Acquisition

What Meteo Colloquium
When Nov 15, 2023
from 03:30 pm to 04:30 pm
Where 112 Walker Building
Contact Name Ying Pan
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Livia FreireAbstract:

The atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) concentrates most of the exchange of matter and energy between the atmosphere and the biosphere, with turbulence playing a pivotal role in these processes. Understanding atmospheric turbulence requires grasping a wide range of flow scales, ranging from milliseconds and millimeters to hours and kilometers. In this presentation, we will explore the primary sensors and numerical techniques used in atmospheric turbulence research, discussing their advantages and the main challenges associated with their application. On the numerical side, Large-Eddy Simulation proves valuable for representing the most energetic scales of turbulent flow; however, addressing exchanges near the surface demands specialized treatment. In field experiments, in situ calibration processes allow combining traditional sonic anemometers with highly sensitive sensors like hot-films, providing additional information on the smallest scales of the flow. These tools contribute significantly to our understanding of turbulent transport, and both fields still present unique challenges, initiating new avenues for research in the realm of turbulent transport within the atmospheric boundary layer.