Wireless Network Access

Departmental and EMS College Wireless Access

While working in one of the EMS College buildings, wireless access for laptops, etc. is available for all faculty, staff and students. Within the department, we have “hot zones” in the weather station and surrounding areas (608 Walker) and in rooms 529 Walker (Blackadar Library) and 511 Walker (faculty conference/lunch room). There is also wireless available in the classrooms on the first floor and 112 Walker (John Cahir Auditorium).

Detailed information on how to setup your wireless service for various operating systems is available at http://wireless.ems.psu.edu.

University Wireless Access

Outside the EMS college, there are several locations that offer access to the PSU internet backbone. Information on how to access these networks is available at http://its.psu.edu/wireless/.

(Rev. CFP 30-Aug-04)

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