Meteorological Data

The Department maintains extensive real-time and archival meteorological data sets. For more information about data in the department, contact the Meteorology IT group vi email at or see Art Person in Room 622 Walker.

Archived data not online are available through the Help Desk in 616A Walker.

A selection of data streams hosted by Penn State:

  • The Electronic Map Wall
    Fred Gadomski of the Weather Communications Group has put together a very comprehensive electronic map wall containing just about anything any meteorologist would need to put together a forecast.
  • Latest NWS Facsimile Charts
    Art Person keeps a selection of the latest NWS analysis and forecast in the traditional
    DIFAX format (as TIF images).
  • Archived / Real-time Unidata Feed
    The Department maintains a very large archive of NWS/Unidata meteorological data. Most of the older data is on tape storage, although plans are underway to put most of these data online for general use. Current data is available online through the Linux computing network or using the GEMPAK toolkit. Contact the Meteorology IT group for more information.

(Rev. CFP 30-Dec-04)

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