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Kimberly Del Bright

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Kimberly is the EMS Writing Tutor.


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The PSU Career Services has all kinds of resources and tools to help you from resume preparation to mock interviews.

Updating a Resume for 2011 (Wall Street Journal article)


How to submit your resume -- Deadline, Friday, March 16

Please submit or update your resume in the e-Career Simplicity system (the one through the College of Engineering, not through Career Services) so that the recruiters will have access to it.  The link is:      

***IMPORTANT***  After you have updated or submitted your resume to the system, and after it is approved, you must navigate to "Job Postings," and submit your resume to the Meteorology Career Days 2012 Job Posting (ID # 2154).  I will send several reminders about this to be sure everyone gets their resume submitted on time.  Please try to have your resume submitted to the Career Days 2012 Job Posting NO LATER THAN March 16.