Postdoctoral Researcher – Climate Services

Climate Central, Inc. is seeking a postdoctoral researcher.


Date posted

Feb. 2, 2021 12:00 am

Application deadline

Mar. 2, 2021 12:00 am


Climate Central, Inc., Princeton, NJ USA


  • United States

Job description

Postdoctoral Researcher – Climate Services

Climate Central, Inc., Princeton, NJ USA

Climate Central, Inc. is seeking a postdoctoral researcher interested in combining climate knowledge with modern data science to support Climate Central’s goal to deliver accurate, timely, and relevant climate information to a variety of audiences.

About Climate Central

Climate Central is an independent group of scientists and science translators who research and report the facts about our changing climate and how it affects people’s lives. We use science, big data, and tech to generate thousands of storylines and compelling visuals that make climate change relevant and show what can be done about it. We address climate science, sea level rise, extreme weather, energy, and related topics.

Key responsibilities include: 

  • The primary responsibility will be to develop an operational system to identify weather events that have been strongly influenced by anthropogenic climate change.
  • In support of the primary responsibility, the postdoc will be responsible for evaluating several candidate algorithms and developing a scientifically credible and documented system to synthesize multiple attribution levels into a single index.
  • The postdoc will also work with Climate Central’s developers to operationalize the attribution system and with Climate Central’s communication specialists to deliver scientifically credible attribution messages to diverse audiences.
  • The postdoc will also work with the Climate Central team to develop one additional research-to-0perations project that is consistent with the organization’s overall strategic directions.  This could include developing products related to climate solutions or to characterizing impacts on important commercial or cultural activities. 

Essential qualifications:

  • Candidate should have a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in climate science or a closely related field.
  • Candidate should have an advanced understanding of climate science and familiarity with climate models and projections.
  • Candidate should have significant experience analyzing climate data using modern statistical approaches in R or Python.

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