Post-Doctoral Research Associate

The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) seeks to fill a Post-Doctoral Research Associate position.


Date posted

July 13, 2017 12:00 am

Application deadline

Sep. 13, 2017 12:00 am


The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS)


  • United States

Job description

University of Oklahoma Post-Doctoral Research Associate

The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) seeks to fill a Post-Doctoral Research Associate position for its collaborative research as a Cooperative Institute with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) in Norman, Oklahoma. The Post-Doc will contribute to NSSL’s Warn-on-Forecast (WoF) and Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment – Southeast (V-SE) programs.


The vision of the WoF program is to develop a probabilistic storm-scale, ensemble-based forecast system with the goal of increase warning lead times for threats related to severe and hazardous convective weather, e.g., tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds, and flash floods. Prediction of severe storms can be particularly challenging in the SE U.S.; this is one motivation for the V-SE program. The low-CAPE, high-shear regime common in the SE promotes smaller storm updrafts that are poorly resolved in current models. Coarse model resolution also limits forecasts of fine-scale planetary boundary layer (PBL) processes important to storm initiation and evolution. This motivates exploration of the impact of finer model resolution on storm prediction in the SE U.S. Toward that end, scientists at the Earth System Research Laboratory Global Systems Division (GSD) are developing a scale-aware PBL scheme to better leverage finer model grids.


The incumbent will use EnKF data assimilation to generate analyses and probabilistic short-range forecasts of convective events; collaborate with NOAA Storm Prediction Center forecasters to evaluate the impact of reducing model grid spacing from 3 km to 1 km; collaborate with GSD scientists to evaluate the impact of scale-aware PBL physics; publish the results in peer-reviewed literature; and present at conferences.

Required Qualifications:

  1. A Ph.D. (or be in the final stages of dissertation completion before applying) in meteorology, atmospheric science or related area.
  2. Research experience with storm-scale numerical weather prediction and ensemble data assimilation.
  3. Experience with Linux/Unix, programming (e.g., Fortran, C, C++), and scripting (e.g. Python, NCL).
  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills (including papers published in or submitted to refereed journals) and the ability to work both independently and cooperatively with others.

The beginning salary range will be $54,000-$57,000 per year (depending on qualifications) with University of Oklahoma benefits. Visit the website for benefits information. Start date for the position will be as soon as the candidate can begin work. The position will remain open until filled.

This position is a full-time, one-year appointment and is funded by a partnership between NOAA and the University of Oklahoma through CIMMS. The appointment may be extended for one additional year subject to satisfactory performance and funding availability.

To apply for the position, please forward your resume, cover letter and list of three references to:

Tracy Reinke
Executive Director, Finance and Operations
University of Oklahoma CIMMS
120 David L. Boren Blvd., Suite 2100
Norman, OK 73072-7304  
ATTN: WoF V-SE 07-17


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