CIMMS Radar Product Improvement Research Scientist

The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) at the University of Oklahoma (OU) is currently seeking a Research Scientist.


Date posted

May 12, 2021 12:00 am

Application deadline

June 12, 2021 12:00 am


The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS)


  • United States

Job description

CIMMS Radar Product Improvement Research Scientist

The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) at the University of Oklahoma (OU) is currently seeking a Research Scientist to provide scientific and meteorological expertise to advance the CIMMS research under the Radar Product Improvement (RPI) program. A new RPI direction of research is the use of polarimetric radar data collected aloft in a vertical column of the atmosphere and simplified Lagrangian cloud models with spectral (bin) microphysics to predict the type and amount of precipitation at the surface. This includes nowcasting of severe hail and winter precipitation at the surface. The position will focus on the polarimetric radar microphysical retrievals in ice and evaluation of their quality using in situ microphysical measurements onboard research aircrafts. Such retrievals are needed to initialize the Lagrangian models with spectral microphysics to predict the evolution of ice on its way to the surface and its transformation by the various microphysical processes including depositional growth, sublimation / evaporation, melting, riming, and aggregation / coalescence / breakup. This position will be in the National Severe Storms Laboratory’s (NSSL) Radar Research and Development Division (RRDD) but will involve close collaborative work with the NSSL Warning Research and Development Division (WRDD) and Forecast Research and Development Division (FRDD) on the issues related to the Warn-on-Forecast (WoF) and Forecasting a Continuum of Environmental Threats (FACETS) paradigm. A successful candidate for this position will need knowledge of polarimetric radar observations and cloud physics along with microphysical parameterizations in the NWP models. It is also expected that the applicant has experience and ability in developing Lagrangian cloud models with spectral bin microphysics and coupling such models with polarimetric radar forward operators. The position will be based at NSSL in Norman, OK within the National Weather Center, a highly collaborative operational, research, and academic environment containing a number of NOAA and OU organizations.

The principal duties of this position are:

  1. Process and analyze polarimetric radar data;
  2. Evaluate and refine the radar microphysical retrieval algorithms via comparisons with in situ ground and airborne microphysical probes;
  3. Develop and refine customized cloud models and couple them with the forward radar operators;
  4. Collaborate with radar and cloud model scientists in FRDD and leading research centers and universities;
  5. Contribute to science publications, present the results of research at scientific conferences, and serve as a PI to seek external funding to provide additional support for the research.

The minimum qualifications for the position are:

  1. PhD in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science;
  2. Experience in examining and interpreting the polarimetric radar data;
  3. Experience in developing and refining the cloud models;
  4. Proficiency in running cloud models of different complexity and coding languages;
  5. Good oral and written communication and public speaking skills;
  6. Ability to write journal articles and research proposals.

Normal working hours will be observed except for irregular hours during field data collection and/or conferences/workshops conducted at remote sites. The incumbent will work under general supervision in order to satisfy the objectives of various research grants and programs, and is expected to contribute to field efforts as needed.

The beginning salary for this position will be based on qualifications and experience and will include
University benefits. Information on benefits may be found at:

Appointment to this position is contingent on passing a Department of Commerce/NOAA background
To apply, please forward your CV, cover letter and list of three references to:
CIMMS Careers
University of Oklahoma CIMMS
120 David L. Boren Blvd., Suite 2100
Norman, OK 73072-7304
ATTN: Radar Product Improvement

The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.