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Fixed Term and Research (FT&R) faculty augment the extent and range of activities performed by tenure-line faculty.  FT&R faculty currently make up a significant percentage of the total faculty in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS).  The duties and responsibilities of FT&R faculty members fall into four main categories: teaching, research, service, and administration.  Each FT&R faculty member has his/her own unique duties and responsibilities that are tied to funding sources.  Some FT&R faculty focus on one specific responsibility area, while others are involved in a mixture of responsibility areas, and these responsibilities may change over time. 

The Department’s FT&R Faculty Advisory Committee organizes an annual All Hands meeting every Fall for all FT&R faculty in the Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science.  The meeting includes presentations on current topics of interest for the FT&R faculty, as well as time for discussion of important issues. 

Presentations from Recent Meetings

Who Do I See For Assistance Or Problems (Who does what in METEO)?

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